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Name:Good god, what is she doing in her kitchen?
This is Daisy's blog to show off her food and for her friends and family to discuss food and exchange ideas. This is open to all family and friends, online and offline but because of that, here are a few rules about commenting...

- No racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist language. That includes jokes. No jokes about trigger subjects either (eg. rape). Some of you may argue that I am being politically correct but there are people commenting here from various different backgrounds and life experiences and while nothing is completely universally un-offensive, I want them to be comfortable reading and commenting in this community. While I am not trying to create an enviroment where people become afraid to say anything that might (note: I say 'might', not 'will') come across as offensive, all I am asking is for you all to be respectful to each other. That said, if I cross the line on anything, it is okay to call me out on it.
- While I am perfectly comfortable with you either addressing me as my online name (Daisy) or my real first name (Emily), please do not mention my last name here if you know it. The reason for this is that my surname is unique and I don’t want it known online on this blog for the protection and privacy of my family. Likewise, I will not mention their real names on here and will probably keep to aliases/ online nicknames/etc.
- Please no drama. Keep that to your own Livejournal accounts/Plurks/Dreamwidth accounts/Facebook/emails/whatever strikes your fancy. Just don’t put it here. This is a happy blog, everyone.
- This is a community for talking about food. Therefore, if you want to talk about roleplaying, fanart, Mozart’s Requiem or how awesome Sherlock and Watson's relationship is in the BBC series and it is not related to cooking, talk to me about it somewhere else. As much as I love to talk about those sorts of things, this is not the place to do it.
- Constructive criticism on my food is welcome and encouraged!
- For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dreamwidth, it is an invite-only community, which means you need an invite code to join, which is why I have allowed anonymous commenting. However, that does not give you an excuse not to follow the rules. If I see you abusing the comment system, your comment will be deleted.
- Have fun, everyone!

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anjum anand, ching he huang, cuisine, food what else?, heston blumenthal, home and international cuisine, hugh fearnley-whittingstall, mary berry, master chef, michelin star cooking, patisserie, pretentious cooking techniques
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